The Journey: An Emotional Trigger


In Disney’s The Rescuers‘ soundtrack, The Journey (also known as Who Will Rescue Me?) – sung during the film’s opening credits – follows main character Penny’s glass bottle as it floats out of the Devil’s Bayou and into the Atlantic Ocean on a stormy sea.

Each time I listen to this very short and underrated song on my phone, I cry heavily. It feels like it sums up how I actually feel inside my head on a daily basis. I struggle with BPD splitting and it messes me up!

Splitting has caused me trouble and near-devastating responses to situations that could otherwise be rationally resolved. It’s the classic stay/go, love/hate response that I endure. I’m aware of it like a weird form of seizure and my husband is brilliant at rescuing me. Like that glass bottle upon a rough sea being tossed around, he reaches out and hauls me onto my calm place. He’s stopped me during my delete social media except Facebook on days where I’ve woken up grumpy and catastrophising everything.

See, it’s horrible enduring this mindset each day and I’m fortunate to have a good support network and essential phone numbers for crisis mode. And I’ll listen to one of my non-mainstream songs to fully awaken my mind and deep breathe.

(I think this film contributed to me becoming a crazy mouse lover!)

Please share any Disney songs that you connect with, I’d love to know. What does it say to you or does it stir up memories, feelings?

Further reading: Splitting Whelp

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