Waiting For An Atom Bomb


What strange times we live in at the moment. For all of us it’s presenting huge challenges across the world and hindering our freedom which we take for granted. Little things like I miss browsing in TK Maxx for bargain weird jeans from around 2005. Now it feels strangely criminal. Almost everything is done online and I feel agoraphobia creeping in. Christmas shopping will be sterile and I bet Royal Mail will implode. So might I. Everything feels pointless, weird and we live in contagion capital.

Yet more don’t you do that rules however cruises and organised protests are permitted.

I live with my husband and two guinea pigs who’s names change each day from Crack and Smack to Blood and Glitter or Blackie and Blondie due to their fur colour. Their little faces and squeals fill us both with joy and we have them sat on our shoulders as we watch old British sitcoms. My husband keeps me going as do family and friends but even they feel like forbidden fruit.

How long will this take to resolve? The bubonic plague took five years without scientific intervention however the fallout was catastrophic. Until then it’s one long gauntlet of frustration, multiple health challenges, suffocating face masks and fluctuating rules. Least I laugh at the thought of people drinking their tutti-frutti scented alcohol hand gels in delirium.

Fuck this, I’m going to deeply immerse myself in the PlayStation 4 videogame Dead Island: Riptide, my go-to game to numb my thoughts and batter the decomposition fluids out of zombies. Hardly game of the year but great gory fun!

With the piggies on my shoulders, coffee on table and control pad in my hands I’ll just amuse myself until I hear a devastating BOOM. Wishful intrusive thinking in a bewildering crisis.

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5 thoughts on “Waiting For An Atom Bomb

  1. Haha I can relate on feeling criminal. In my country, the lockdowns were relaxed for a little bit, and going back to jiu-jitsu training—close contact and all—felt like an illegal activity. Stay safe and take care!


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