I Know Myself

Self portrait using Photo Lab

I know myself

That’s what matters

Heard this

Read that

Is it true

Or hullabaloo

Utter brouhaha

Ha ha ha

I know myself

So do those who care

Who worked with me

Walked with me

Laughed with me

And all those who love me

Who supports my BPD

I know myself

So does my family

Dear friends still connected

Everyone knows me

And everyone cares

For this is reality

Not cyber factitious fantasy

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Further reading

Social Media Can Permanently Damage Your Health

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

2 thoughts on “I Know Myself

  1. This resonated with me strongly. Having been judged many times over, I always found myself saying precisely those words to myself – I know myself. Social media, in particular, makes it so easy to form judgments on others and this is one of the reasons I struggle so much with social platforms. The thing is, so many don’t know themselves. Not truly. Thus, I believe it is a blessing that we do. And like your poem states, those who matter, they know us. Beautiful short poem.

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