Rope Still Hanging

Photo credit: Sharon Lawson taken in Brenchley Gardens, London

I went for a short walk to meet a friend along Brenchley Gardens not far from where we live. I took the scenic route along a track on what used to be the first railway line to connect London with the south coast. I was squirrel watching and saw this eerie rope. It was way too high to be a swing and I suddenly thought was it a suicide attempt? Perhaps so or hopefully not but it reminded me of Japan’s Aokigahara Forest at the bottom of Mount Fuji. I took a photo then quickly walked away!

I took a walk to ease my thoughts

And stumbled upon a rope

Too high to swing

It’s form nothing

Unless it’s what I think

Suicide attempt

Suicide fail

Only the rope was hanged

You’ve made it through a terrible day

But forgot to cut the rope

No more tries

Help is there

Your strength will help you cope

And I’ll cut that tempting rope

Further reading: Aokigahara Forest

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© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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