The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal by Alan Robert

Available on Amazon . Image used with permission.

Have you ever kept a journal and eventually felt it was dragging you down? That’s exactly what happened to me recently. I was bought a fun coloured chunky journal for Christmas last year and gave up on it not long ago. Writing thoughts and feelings were reinforcing what I was trying to forget. So I ripped out a few pages required for incident evidence and then had the ultimate letter burning exercise: simply binning the thing. And it felt great! I kept my multicolored pens, my mood reflected by whichever colour I use.

A friend who certainly knows me very well shared the link for me to the newly published journal above on the Amazon website. I pre-ordered it immediately (as did my niece) and when it arrived I was delighted!! It’s full of simple creepy prompts and exercises that you can explore however you desire as often as you want. Writing my favourite song backwards had produced a sinister chant so I declined to read it out aloud.

I highly recommend this fun journal for anyone who loves all things creepy and likes to humourously explore their dark side.

The colour pink contradicts the context

Overview: The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal will give you nightmares for days. Follow ghastly fan favorite Ghouliana on a macabre descent into madness as she prompts and pokes your every move! Abide her direction or else she may seek her revenge! So get in the spirit to rip up, tear out, and unleash your creativity in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

While this guided journal may be considered a companion to the hit adult coloring book series The Beauty of Horror, this time around, bestselling creator Alan Robert encourages you to color outside the lines!

Alan Robert is the author of graphic novels Wire HangersCrawl to Me  KillogyThe Shunned One and The Beauty of Horror: a bestselling series of horror-themed adult colouring books. Robert has also been the bassist/songwriter for the rock group Life of Agony for over two decades.

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