Not Just A Notebook


Not Just A Notebook by British author Mark Cassell

Suggested audio: Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Inside note to user

I caught sight of an advertisement for the above notebook and immediately scurried over to Amazon and placed an order. What a fantastic idea!! I keep this inspiring little book in my handbag and wherever I go, should I feel inspired, I dig it out and enjoy filling in a detailed dairy of events that can lead to something more. An article, poem or doodle in my journal. My husband waits patiently because he fully understands that this book brings to me a sense of calm and enjoyment of keen observation. A trait many people have recognised in me that I am aware of and am thankful for because recalling particular details about a lovely day out brings a smile to my face and thankfulness in my heart.

No matter your preferred genre, this notebook allows you to take observations beyond the five senses.

Mark Cassell

Here is an example of how the book is filled out from a trip of mine to the local park:

The day’s awakening
Many observations!
And more
Reasons and location, page one (oops!)
Back cover

So as you can see above, the notebook fires up your imagination and opens your eyes and ears to sights and sounds you possibly don’t even consciously acknowledge.

If you like the idea of jotting down details and collecting ideas, you can order the book on Amazon by viewing this page on Mark’s website.

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