But You Can!


Suggested audio: It’s A Fine Day by Opus III

Yesterday I was pondering everything that I used to do from biking to hiking, dissection to nature collection. Unhelpful past tense pining for the past that was starting to make me feel like I was in a coffin being lowered into a grave. No, no, no. Not right at all! I grabbed my Dialectical Behavioural Therapy book and was soon inspired to think about what I can do. And my goodness, what a revelation. Okay, so certain memories are still keeping me from flourishing and although that’s okay and understandable, it’s like a ball and chain around my ankle and will eventually rust away.

If you’ve suffered a life-changing experience you are encouraged to lay the past to rest, which is a challenge because your past is many years long, and switch your focus to all the many wonderful things you still have the ability to do. Write them down even and I guarantee you’ll soon cease because the list will become huge.

Mortuary wellies once dotted with crimson jelly
Scalpel blades dragged along LED lit glades
Sleek steel caressed by grim ordeal
Now shines brightly beneath beneath rays of UVA

New hope released from humming fridges
Skipping joyfully happily burning bridges
The end is nothing to mourn
For the imaginative, why it’s porn

Swing doors calmly close to no encore
Surfaces of the infected promptly disinfected
Head held high winking torment goodbye
No longer a madman now that I know I can

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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