Skip Across The Rainbow


Verse by Jenny Hayut

Suggested audio: She’s A Rainbow by The Rolling Stones 

Following a lovely conversation with a friend after she saw my Instagram bio read: “I skip across every colour of the rainbow” aluding to the fact that my/our interests are that varied, we’ve always adapted to blend with many people groups. I wrote the following to show you that you don’t need to “fit in” to be accepted because… Read on.

What ‘box’ are you in? Social group or a hashtag family on Instagram? Do you actually feel lost as though trapped in a dream… Or a nightmare? Is your online existence a drawn out panic attack because you are bombarded with a myriad of groups in which you want to fit in?

You log on to your soocial media and are confronted with an onslaught of posts that you identify with and respond to but feel as disconnected as an arm out of joint. The pain of which can be similar psychologically of course. You tag your posts to attract who you feel are your crowd , but are they? Are they really you?

At school and through your twenties you probably fely like an autumn leaf blowing in the breeze settling in different places yet nowhere specific. There’s a big clue in that but do you know what it is?

You fit in everywhere!

You have many varied interests which is why you feel unsettled. I bet you’ve renamed your accounts, keep re-phrasing your bio and probably in real life wear any style you feel the day is telling you. Your wardrobe is likely to reflect your wonderful mind, a fabric Wonderland that often bewilders you. Retro tracksuit one day, rocking it the next.

Love who you are and embrace the notion of being as free as a bird who can perch on whatever branch she wants to. A butterfly flitting from flower to flower or a pigeon who refuses her nesting box. Change your look, your hashtags, your bio whenever you want. You appeal to everybody and can enjoy multiple forms of communication.

So dear reader, ponder these words, flutter between flowers like the beautiful butterfly youare.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™


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